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In December of 1981, the Pleasant Union Church of Christ , Hamshire, Tennessee, was contacted by the brethren from the Totty Ben Church of Christ, and the Fairfield Church of Christ.  Kingsbay Naval Base was under construction in  Camden County, GA, and the area was going to be growing.  There was opportunity to establish a congregation of the church in Kingsland.   The Pleasant Union Church, under the leadership of the Elders, moved with Godly fear.  The late Brother Alonza Pye and Brother Anthony Booker, came to Kingsland to survey the situation.  They came to the conclusion that a congregation could be established here.

The brethern went back and reported their findings.  Pleasant Union contacted several Churches of Christ in Middle Tennessee, and asked them to assist in the work.  Together they pooled thier resources.  With the help of the Lord, they were able to establish this congregation in Kingsland.  Congregations throughout Georgia, and Florida helped in formulating this work.

The late Brother Richard Daniels, was initially secured for this work, and on March 21, 1982, the congregation was established.  With the assistance of the Northside Church of Christ in Jacksonville, FL, under the leadership of Charlie McClendon, a building was repaired to worship in.  Following the departure of the late Brother Richard Daniels, Brother Harold Rollinson became the Minister of the Kingsland Congregation.

Construction on our present site started Thanksgiving Day, 1983.  According to Brother Robert Gibbons,"It was a nice day out, and our families were having a cookout on the site.  My father and I poured the foundation."  It took 6 months to finish the building, and during that time the congregation worshipped in the home of Brother and Sister Tyrone Black.   It was during that time that our present Minister, Leslie S. Bland became Preacher of the Congregation.